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Take a trip over to the secluded and breathtakingly beautiful state of Western Australia and experience some of the oldest and best wines that Australia has to offer. WA’s Swan Valley wine region has been operating since the earliest days of English? European settlement, making it the oldest wine region in Western Australia and one of the oldest in the country. As well as its historical claims, Swan Valley wine stood alone as the only major source of wine in the state for the best part of two centuries. With a hot climate and Mediterranean characteristics, there are several tasty wine varieties on offer in the area.

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What can you expect when you import Swan Valley wines to your doorstep? You will get the finest flavours of the region combined with a transparent service that you can trust.

Swan Valley wines have been infused with English, Yugoslav, and Italian inspirations, as these were some of the earliest migrants to call this West Australian wine region home. Known for pioneering tasty table wines, you can find a range of flavours in the Swan Valley, from Shiraz to Chardonnay, Merlot to Rosé to Sparkling Wine. You will love the ease of sharing these wines around your table with friends and family.

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