Pinot Noir

Import Pinot Noir from Australia

With French history dating back centuries and a presence in Australia since the early 1800s, Pinot Noir is a red wine that is cherished around the world. Australian Pinot Noir has been grown in a range of regions over the past 200 years, and today, it is brilliantly and consistently produced in the southern state of Victoria. Regions such as the Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, and Geelong are known for elegant, sophisticated Pinot Noir, while the island state of Tasmania also boasts excellent conditions for Pinot Noir.

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Try a Light, Elegant Pinot Noir from Australia

Unlike many of the big, full-bodied Reds that feature in Australian wineries, Pinot Noir is generally lighter in colour and features restrained yet vibrant fruit flavours. Many Australian Pinot Noir varieties can be enjoyed in their youth, while the best batches will also age well and develop greater complexity and further characteristics with cellaring.

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