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Originally grown and produced in areas of Germany, Austria, and France, Riesling has long been embraced by Australian winegrowers as well as wine enthusiasts from around the world.

A late-ripening white wine, Riesling generally delivers an aromatic experience that is defined by citrus flavours and plenty of acidity.

Aside from visiting the regions themselves, the best way to experience Australia’s iconic Rieslings is by having them delivered to your doorstep.

Through GET FREIGHTED Cellar Door, you can import Riesling from Australia internationally. Our team of respected wine experts have curated a selection of Rieslings from talented Australian winemakers.

Offering fast and safe air freight, we can ensure you receive your wine quickly and in the perfect condition you would expect with a luxury purchase. You deserve the best.

You can’t always visit the cellar door, but with GET FREIGHTED Cellar Door, you can import Riesling from Australia and experience it in the comfort of your home.

Host your next gathering or party with Australian Wine, think how special that will be!


The flavours, aromas and acidity present in Australian Rieslings will be most pronounced when enjoyed young.

This is thanks to extending ripening techniques and the cool climates in which many Australian Rieslings are produced.

If you like to enjoy more complex characteristics in your wine, such as honey and toast flavours, an older Australian Riesling is perfect for you.

Many of the Rieslings you import from our team will be worthy of a place in your cellar, where they can mature and produce these characteristics and you can save them for a special occasion.

Whether young or old, Australian Riesling tends to be drier than its international counterparts.

To import Riesling from Australia, shop online with GET FREIGHTED Cellar Door now or contact us for further enquiries.

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