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In many ways, Australian Chardonnay represents the evolution of wine in Australia itself.

Originally produced in the Burgundy region of France, Chardonnay is now among the most planted and most popular white wine varieties worldwide. This trend holds true in Australia too, where Chardonnay is the country’s most common white wine variety.

In fact, Australian Chardonnay played a large role in bringing Australian wine to the rest of the world, helping to establish the international reputation that Australian winemakers hold until this day.

With a broad range of styles available, there is so much to experience and something for everyone when it comes to Australian Chardonnay.

You can import Chardonnay from Australia with the respected wine experts at GET FREIGHTED Cellar Door. We have curated a collection of Chardonnay varieties from across Australia and offer fast, international air freight so you can enjoy it too.

From crisp, citrusy fruit flavours to full buttery flavours, the full range of Chardonnay experiences are available when you import Chardonnay from Australia


The flavours of Australian Chardonnay were first defined in the country’s Chardonnay boom in the 1980s and 1990s. Broad, toasty, and full-bodied, this style of Chardonnay is big and buttery, akin to something that you would find in the Napa Valley. This oaked Chardonnay style has decreased in popularity in Australia but you can still find it being cultivated and crafted by talented winemakers across the country.

The longer-lasting unoaked variety is now the more common Australian Chardonnay. Replacing the tropical fruit and vanilla characteristics with crisper, more citrusy flavours, these distinctive Chardonnays can mature for many more years and often benefit from time in the cellar.

If you’re looking for something special, choose an Australian sparkling Chardonnay for a unique gift or to toast your next celebration with.

To import Chardonnay from Australia, shop online with GET FREIGHTED Cellar Door now or contact us for further enquiries.

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